Sol Kitchen specializes in creating a broad range of plant-based meats and cheeses primarily operating in Maricopa County, especially within the Phoenix, Arizona area. Our primary focus will be to provide a healthy, gourmet vegan experience while using local ingredients to help support the community and the environment.

Through an intricate process, we hand craft our own plant-based cheese and meat substitutes to get the taste, smell, texture, consistency and satisfaction that we know and love. We are hoping to help bridge the gap between the herbivore and omnivore community by providing these plant-based alternatives.

We are currently offering Italian Sausage, Spicy Pepperoni and BBQ Ribs for our meats. We also have plant based cheeses including our Dill Havarti, Pepperjack, Garlic Herb Mozzarella, Garlic Cashew Herb Cheeze and Cheddar Style Cashew Cheeze.  Chef Ashley Esteban is constantly researching and experimenting with new products in the kitchen so follow us closely because our menu is constantly growing!

What We're All About

Uptown Farmer's Market Hours Update

Uptown Farmer's Market's hours are now Wednesday and Saturday from 8am-12 for the summer.  Come out and try our new Spicy Pepperoni and Garlic Herb Cashew Cheeze! We look forward to seeing some new and familiar faces. Thanks again for all of your support!